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The new World of Warcraft players is important as the old players
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The new World of Warcraft players is important as the old players

Yesterday, Blizzard Orientation will be held in Beijing. During this period, we have the honor to interview Blizzard general manager of WOW Gold, Mr. Dai Jinhe, and NetEase, vice president, Mr. Li Rijiang two public media the 2013 Blizzard games the way they operate in mainland China and the prospects for the development of the related game launched some in-depth discussion.

In fact, World of Warcraft, the old and new users alike. Among them, the new user middle school students are more, so we line the Blizzard campus will continue, and we will be working on new measures to carry out more similar to the new Association this game guide to help newcomers better integrate into the World of Warcraft. And it is for those players in the 1960s and 1970s, we will do some targeted marketing activities to allow these players to return to more pleasant.

Add that in the new 2.0.4 version of the game matching interface, provides training and mock battle, not ranked match opponent to the ladder, to provide a complete learning to adapt to the players learning curve the road. The especially new Excluding ranking match opponents, players can no ladder integrated pressure easily find considerable strength opponents Battle

In the future among the World of Warcraft section will organize union activities, in order to motivate them to go with more new people join in to the game. Second, a new multiplayer tactical watch videos and recover from a video game, you can make the players any time point in the video, and re-re-set game, more convenient players practice. Add that the 5.2 version, Panda mystery plot Panda Elijah is about to enter the end. So we think that, not only is the promotion of 5.2, we should also consider how the transition to 5.3 Alliance tribal war. You will see my micro Fair will more and more alliances with tribal war between messages.

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