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The World of Warcraft mechanics can not train a new players
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The World of Warcraft mechanics can not train a new players

World of Warcraft players have been very difficult to catch up with the rhythm of the old players. On the one hand, the simple upgrade process without brain, resulting in lack of exercise novice. Full level after the day-to-day tasks, random copies, so the novice not due experience, more isolated and old players. On the other hand, there is no reasonable mechanism to encourage old players to gain WOW Gold and help the novice.

Blizzard in order to attract new players to spare no effort, reduced the experience needed to upgrade and improve the task reward, not even to the players below 20 charges, etc.. Previous versions, players practice a full level 60 characters, at least also need after half time. During large and small, need to go through the difficulty of different copies of to improve their grades and improve equipment. Today, a skilled player, as long as three days can reaches full level, the size of the copy of the interlude would not join the leveling of the road smooth sailing. This leads to the player unable to enhance the understanding of their career, and more can not be familiar with all the copies of the World of Warcraft model. And even playing a copy, its lunch can not let the players deserve the life experiences.

Reach the full level, Blizzard gives players a day-to-day system, players can complete daily easy task in exchange for a reward. But slowly the day-to-day tasks become a burden on the players, if not the day-to-day tasks, you can not upgrade equipment level, you can not enter the team go Raiders senior copy. The sky the day-to-day tasks of the reward cost is not high, in exchange for all the courage to wear, obviously unrealistic to rely on the usual accumulation. So players increasingly find themselves away from the gap between high-end users.

Blizzard has said that the earth fission information on the film the best design is team randomly. However, for many players to solve the initial equipment accumulated experience of the play of the team, but also novice players to never the main leisure Pushing Hands. Random copies of itself, the difficulty is too low, the vast majority of players are rewarded in the process of the "brain" games. The equipment upgrade, but for playing ordinary copy should be accumulated experience and understanding of their career but has not been promoted.

At the same time, each player is to spend money to enjoy the game, naturally unwilling to disturb by others and discrimination. The emergence of random team system but deepened the contradictions between the players continued to enlarge the shortcomings of human nature. Portion of conscientiously dozen players do not get rewarded for their own pay and deeply uneven, another part of the players there is the opportunity for doing nothing. This result, so that the new players do not have the opportunity to learn; while the older players in the group of ordinary normal difficulty raid Level enough, after the experience was not enough new pit, will be even more exclusive with the novice with the game.

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