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RuneScape Elemental Workshop IV mission start guide
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RuneScape Elemental Workshop IV mission start guide

Elemental Workshop IV mission, March 1, 2013, is the fourth mission of the the RuneScape elements workshop series of tasks. Prerequisites are element Workshop I, II, and III is prepared. Need 42 forged 41 different characteristics, 40 defense, 39 burglary and 39 runecrafting. Requires Level 20 magic prerequisite for the pursuit.

RuneScape players need to display the items in the subsequent slides. The eight coal is necessary, because the two primers bar. Of Runescape players who do not have the element ore and elements of land mines of two primer bar, then Prime Minister them. Enter the the magic and tower, the search North bookcase underground. Read this book. Go to the workshop of the prophet the Village and input elements.

Runescape players need a key, must cross the street, search bookcase, get reductions book, then click the key to continued recovery in the key into the actual split of the wall, with your knife in neighboring grindstone two elements bar, Premier them past the mind and body room and head downstairs to open the door of the corridor along the south wall of RuneScape Gold, knife key Once inside, turn east, and open the door of the universe, encountered a Rune problems.

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